The Racial Equity Lens guides the organization’s racial equity agenda. The Racial Equity Lens is the heartbeat of our racial equity work at Portland Housing Center. The Racial Equity Lens establishes priorities, timelines, accountability, and performance measures. The Portland Housing Center has five goals to guide its racial equity work. These goals support the ongoing internal transformational change to ensure a continued high level of service to the community and staff of the Portland Housing Center.
This includes:

  • Creating, supporting and developing a culture that values and advances racial equity.
  • Customers and partners viewing Portland Housing Center as an effective and inclusive organization that engages all communities.
  • Workforce and hiring practices that reflect the diversity of community across the breadth and depth of the organization.
  • Investment in contracting and procurement that benefit the diversity of the community.
  • Providing programs and services that are responsive and reflective of community needs.